Olompali State Historic Park: A Hidden Gem in California

As with most of our day journeys, we don’t know where we are headed until we are in the car. Not having plans opens you up to EPIC adventures, I like to think of it as a beautiful dance between faith and intuition. There are times where we get lost or have things go wrong, but we honor those times as a test of patience and faith and if we are lucky, we have a day like yesterday.

Once Upon a Time

Somewhere between worlds and wonders is a place we are all familiar with. A place we yearn for, a state of unconditional love. It begins in the mother’s womb and doesn’t end in your own tomb. See, you are a conduit of light, of love. This is where we are meant to be, but because we also have free will, there are powers at be that want us to be mute, or even destructive and divisive on an energetic level. The choice is up to us. Do we start over in a paradigm of healing and compassion for one another or do we allow fear to make us do things we know is wrong. Building walls just to tear them down. I’m here to share my journey, and share my heart. Join me brothers and sisters. It’s time to claim our inherit power back. Its time for community, whether its online or off. It’s time for love again.post

One Year Later

The Spring Equinox always brings me back to life, as it does in nature with our environment. My spirit gets refreshed and I gain a sense of direction with all my built up passion I so eagerly want to share with all of you. I justspring didn’t know what lessons were in store for me one year ago today; but, geesh did I have a lot of transformation ahead of me and still do.

I suppose my blog name is quite a fitting title because it really is about the journey and not the destination. Its rather ironic that I thought one year ago I would launch this blog and finally let all my truths out to share my perceptions of this little thing called life and it ended up doing the opposite.

After a few misunderstandings and some deep rooted trauma coming up…I retreated back like a hermit crab in their shell. It was in that shell that I learned more about who I was and what I had to overcome to be able to let my truth be heard. Honestly, I still cared about what people thought of me and the more I grow into myself, the crazier my perception of this reality becomes. I was terrified of being called “crazy” or “conspiracy theorist” as most people who awaken in the slumber are. It takes so many layers of reprogramming to be able to even begin to see the world for what it really is. Ignorance is bliss as they say and many grip on to their prison of mainstream thought with their teeth and nails.

So, I decided to keep this blog light and just write about my adventures and even that didn’t last long. Why? Because I created this to speak my truth and my heart did not sit well with the change. Then, this blog just sat there in internet space, all dusty and neglected. I had to dive within myself and find out why. The truth is, I’ve always had a tough time rooting my dreams and aspirations. I had to face this cruel truth about myself and then clear the fear and trauma surrounding it.

With the help of a friend who dedicated her life to Holistic Belief Reprogramming and EFT Tapping, we helped each other with some incredible techniques I will dive into later. We discovered the power of metaphors and how we can change the world outside by changing our world within. The process is still evolving and it’s not a easy one. I had to be brutally honest with myself and take personal responsibility for the lack of happiness in my life. Some major breakthroughs took place over this year, and I am ready to pick this back up with thicker skin and a softer heart.

Forgiveness is key. With myself and others. It’s in that space that the miracles seem to sprout. It is in this space we develop compassion with ourselves and others.

Since I last blogged, there has been many tragedies in our country and the entire world. We seem to be loosing sense of who we are and how we were meant to live. Radical-Empathy-Teaching-Students-to-Walk-in-Others-ShoesimagesWhile the world marches for change in the political arenas, I will be marching myself though radial empathy. I will put myself in every shooters shoes, and find that lack of love within myself. This is where the power of metaphors come into play. Can you connect shooting to the shooting within yourself? With such a polarized political world, I can sense most won’t get entirely what I’m saying, and as in the past…this may be misunderstood and even anger some who read it. If this is you, I ask that you take this trigger and use it as an opportunity to dive within yourself and ask…what is it that you have a problem with? Is this a belief that you hold in your heart or in your ego?

The ego will be something to explore in another blog post for another time. There is so much to share about how we can learn to be more present with ourselves so we can detect our ego and learn how to overcome it.

Well, it feels GOOOOOOOD to be writing again. I am looking forward to sharing more with you. Until next time, may peace be within you and may your peace bless the world around you.

-Katrina (and the Journey)


Be Bold. It’s time.

So this is it, I’m really doing this. For those who know me, you know I’ve been talking about this for a while. However, we are defined by our actions, not our words. Which is ironic, being that most of blogging is words. I suppose it comes down to being vulnerable enough to write (or speak) those words with, well, all of you. Why listen to me? Do I have anything worthwhile for you to take in? There is only one way to find out.
woman brokefree from chains                                                                                          I am starting this to share my passions with you. To tell you the way I see the world. I’m not perfect, and I think we ought to have more people who speak up and tell you it’s okay that you don’t have it figured out. It’s okay that you made mistakes. That is part of the journey.