Once Upon a Time

Somewhere between worlds and wonders is a place we are all familiar with. A place we yearn for, a state of unconditional love. It begins in the mother’s womb and doesn’t end in your own tomb. See, you are a conduit of light, of love. This is where we are meant to be, but because we also have free will, there are powers at be that want us to be mute, or even destructive and divisive on an energetic level. The choice is up to us. Do we start over in a paradigm of healing and compassion for one another or do we allow fear to make us do things we know is wrong. Building walls just to tear them down. I’m here to share my journey, and share my heart. Join me brothers and sisters. It’s time to claim our inherit power back. Its time for community, whether its online or off. It’s time for love again.post


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