Be Bold. It’s time.

So this is it, I’m really doing this. For those who know me, you know I’ve been talking about this for a while. However, we are defined by our actions, not our words. Which is ironic, being that most of blogging is words. I suppose it comes down to being vulnerable enough to write (or speak) those words with, well, all of you. Why listen to me? Do I have anything worthwhile for you to take in? There is only one way to find out.
woman brokefree from chains                                                                                          I am starting this to share my passions with you. To tell you the way I see the world. I’m not perfect, and I think we ought to have more people who speak up and tell you it’s okay that you don’t have it figured out. It’s okay that you made mistakes. That is part of the journey.

 To be honest I am at a point in my life where I can finally be free to be myself. I have struggled my whole life with wanting approval from family, from authority figures, and from my peers.

I know I’m not alone in this. I mean, it’s a instinctual trait most of us have. Some more than others based on nature and nurture. When we seek approval, we tune in to the ego side of the brain, where our doubts and safety blanket lies. It will do anything to be liked and feel safe. The problem with being safe is that there is no growth in it. Someone once told me “Comfort is overrated.” It changed the way I did everything.


So be BOLD. That’s why I’m putting myself out there. I can’t be afraid to fail. If you don’t enjoy me rambling on my videos or what I have to say I’m okay with that. If you disagree with my words or actions, I’m okay with that too.When you begin to do your inner work, you will find anything that gets to you is YOUR shadow. We are all reflections of one another. I will continue to do my inner work so I can speak my truth louder and clearer!

There comes a time where you can choose to ignore the negative feelings in your life but that doesn’t mean they will go away, in fact it will only get stronger unless you decide to go inward and work though the “junk”. It can be tough, but it is so worth it.

There will be much more on the inner journey work and how you can begin or take you inner work to the level where you can start to see with new eyes, love with a more open heart, and the best part? Start creating miracles!

That’s all for now. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Please feel free to leave comments for my ego, just kidding!!!! I just feel like interacting with you 🙂

Love & Light,










She who is Bold is Free



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